About MichelleX

What’s Been Goin’ On…

  • I went public with my work in 2001, launched Savage-Desire.com.

  • Published limited edition of the Savage Tarot in 2005.

  • In 2006, I launched Steel Veils specifically for photography work.

  • Went to college from 2007-2009; worked with campus paper and galleries.

  • Began curating in 2010.

  • I lost all photo and studio equipment in 2012, which created a stall in artwork production.

  • Started making jewelry and doing custom work in 2012.

  • Re-released an open edition of the Savage Tarot in 2012.

  • Took a long hiatus from 2013 – 2016.

  • 2016 began learning to paint the “old master way”, or in multiple Renaissance methods.


I was in my early 20’s when I set down this road. Now I’m in my early 40’s, still without the photo equipment I lost five years ago, and since it’s just not in me to simply quit art, I keep exploring other ways to create.


At this phase of my life, I’m essentially revamping my portfolio – which feels a little awkward, but is also a bit like exploring a new hiking trail. More often than not I’m filled with a kind of childlike sense of wonder and excitement for what’s down the path.