Some Spring Projects

Ah, Spring. The one time of year domestication completely takes over my brain. So, I did some crafting and container gardening.


I’m not really into Feng Shui per se, but I do believe that energies of a room are important. That said, it’s important to me that the energy of the kitchen is warm, happy and inviting. And I wanted to brighten things up there, so I made a spice rack, put together a bunch of jars for the spices, and did the same for the various other containers/jars ya see there. I also repainted/roughed up a couple old shelves for the kitchen.


Every Spring I look forward to gardening; I only wish I could do it in the ground. But, such that it is, I’m perfectly happy to decorate my little corner of the deck.


I made the wreath out of a little wooden “O” I found at Target and glued a bunch of dried flowers (I have a ton of them) on it. It was fun.

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