Bellefontaine Cemetery

I have rolls and rolls of film of this cemetery, but have never shared any of it as far as I recall. It had been a lot of years since I’ve been over there, so it was great to go again.


They say this cemetery holds some of the original, old money (if that makes sense to you), and one can certainly tell with all the massive mausoleums and statues everywhere. There’s some stones so old that the name carvings have completely worn away. The oldest I’ve been able to read is early 1800’s.


There’s a lot of history to this place and it’s absolutely gorgeous (especially in the Fall, in my opinion), with all the hills and trees and statues. There’s a cemetery next door to this one called Calvary that hosts the late Tennessee Williams and Dred Scott.


As for the shots, they were all taken with my phone. I certainly don’t mean any disrespect to those that reside there, but I just cannot have “normal” pictures of that place.


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